Online Sales Contract

ARTICLE 1 Seller's Details

Title: Bilim ve Teknoloji Ür.Ar.Ge.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.
Address: Mimar Sinan Mah. YEDPA Tic. Mrk. H1P2 No: 128 34779 Ataşehir / Istanbul - TURKEY
Phone: +90 533 578 92 51

ARTICLE 2 Subject

The subject of this Preliminary Information Form ("the Form") is to inform about sale and delivery of the Products with below specified character and sale price ("the Products") in accordance with the provisions of Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 6502 and the Regulations on Distance Contracts published in the Official Gazette date November 27 of 2014 and No. 29188.

ARTICLE 3 Basic Characteristics and Payment Details of the Goods Concerned in Sale

3.1. The information with respect to description, unit price, quantity and payment conditions of the Products are given as follows and such information has also been approved by the Consumer.
3.2. Shipment Fee shall be paid by the Consumer.

ARTICLE 4 Validity Period of Commitments

Prices specified in Article 5.1 are sale prices. Announced prices and promises are valid until they are updated and changed. Continuously announced prices are valid until the end of specified term.

ARTICLE 5 Delivery of Products

5.1. Products are delivered to the delivery address or any person/organization existing in the address specified by the Consumer in a packaged and solid form at the latest 30 days beginning from the order date. If the Seller fails in fulfilling this commitment, the Consumer may terminate the Contract.
5.2. If the Products are to be delivered for another person than the one specified by the Consumer, the Seller may not be held responsible for the reason that the person/organization intended to take delivery does not accept the delivery.
5.3. The Consumer is liable to check Products at the time when he/she takes delivery and notify any defect immediately to the Seller

ARTICLE 6 Right Of Withdrawal

6.1 The Consumer may exercise the right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the goods without undertaking any legal and criminal liability and without giving any justification within 14 (fourteen) days beginning from the delivery of the Product to him/herself or the person/organization existing in the specified address in distance contracts on goods sale.
6.2 It is necessary to send a written notification to the Seller by means of certified mail, electronic mail or fax within 14 (fourteen) days period in order to use the right of withdrawal.
6.3 You must complete the return form we have sent to you fully and put in the return package or complete the return form on for the performance of return processes.
6.4 Any Products to be returned must be delivered with their box, package if exist, and standard accessories if exist.
6.5 The Seller is liable to return the total amount and the documents which burden the Consumer with debt to the Consumer not later than 14 (fourteen) days period beginning from it receives the withdrawal notification.
The Seller performs all refunds specified in paragraph one in a lump in compliance with the payment instrument used by the consumer at the time of purchase and without putting the consumer to any cost or liability.
(If the Consumer has used the credit card installments option at the time of purchase, the refund process shall be performed in a lump to the Bank and the payment of the relevant amount by the Bank to the Consumer in installments does not constitute violation of this article)
6.6 The shipment fee of Products returned by reason of the right of withdrawal shall be paid by the Seller.

ARTICLE 7 Products for which the Right of withdrawal May not be Used

The right of withdrawal may not be used in the case of contracts on sale of goods which are prepared in direction of Consumer's requests or his/her clear personal needs, are not convenient for return in term of nature and include the risk of perishability or have the possibility of being expired and the contracts with respect to audio or visual records, software programs and computer consumables provided that they are unpacked by the Consumer.

ARTICLE 8 General Provisions

8.1 The Consumer declare that he/she has read and become informed about preliminary information such as the basic characteristics, sale price and payment form and delivery concerned for sale in this Form and has given the necessary confirmation in written form.
8.2 The Consumer, by confirming this Form in written form, is deemed as confirmed the address needed to be notified to the Seller, basic characteristics for the ordered Products, tax included price of the Products, payment and delivery details accurately and completely before drawing up the distance contracts.
8.3 The Seller may not be held responsible by reason that any ordered Product failed to be delivered to the Consumer due to all kinds of problems to be encountered by the Courier company at the stage of Products' delivery to Consumer.
8.4 The Seller is responsible for delivery of the Products solid, completely, in compliance with the characteristics specified in the order and with warranty documents and user guides if exist.
8.5 The Seller may supply a Product with equal quality and price by informing the Consumer and obtaining his/her written approval upon understanding that the Products may not be supplied for a just reason before the delivery period.
8.6 If the delivery of products becomes impossible, the Seller notifies this situation to the Consumer before the end of period of contractual fulfillment obligation and refund the total price to the Consumer within 10 (ten) days period.
8.7 If the Product price is not paid or canceled in bank records for any reason, the Seller is deemed as relieved from the liability of delivery of the Product.
8.8 If the Product prices are not paid to the Seller for any reason, the Consumer refunds all expenses of Products to the Seller at its own charges at the latest 3 days beginning from the Seller's notification. All other contractual-legal rights of the Seller are reserved separately and in any case including the follow-up of Product price receivable.

ARTICLE 9 Competent Court

The Seller may file its complaints to the consumer problems arbitration committee or consumer court at the jurisdiction where the goods or services are purchased or the domicile address is located within the monetary limits determined by the Ministry of Industry and Trade every December.

ARTICLE 10 Other Provisions

Once this Preliminary Information Form is read and accepted by the Consumer in electronic media, the stage of establishing Long Distance Sale Contract shall be started.

I hereby confirm that I have obtained the preliminary information specified in this Preliminary Information Form.
Seller: Bilim ve Teknoloji Ür.Ar.Ge.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.